Project Description
This is a module that allows you to execute and display the results of T-SQL queries in DotNetNuke using your choice of AJAX grids.

The QueryToGrid module is a module created by Will Strohl, whose purpose is to demonstrate a few of the common ways to integrate AJAX functionality in your DotNetNuke® modules. It is meant as proof of concept, but you can use it for pretty much anything you want.

Using this module exposes your website to a very real and important security risk. Anyone on your website that see and use this module could potentially take complete control over your entire DotNetNuke installation. THIS MODULE SHOULD NOT BE USED ON A PRODUCTION INSTALLATION!

This module allows you to execute SQL queries against the DNN database. The base functionality is duplicated 4 different ways:
  • No AJAX (typical web experience using postbacks)
  • Partial Rendering (DNN's built-in AJAX functionality)
  • Telerik (using telerik controls which inherently use AJAX)
  • jQuery (a very fast and easy way to use AJAX without additional overhead of other controls & libraries)

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